Mayetta City Hall - 119 East Main Street . P.O. Box 217 Mayetta, Kansas 66509    Tel:  785.966.2435

Welcome to Mayetta

Mayetta is a growing, progressive small town located in the Glacial Hills region of Northeast Kansas, a convenient 20 minutes north of Topeka on U.S. 75 highway.  Metropolitan entertainment, culture, shopping, dining, and air transport in Kansas City are only 90 minutes via Kansas' excellent four-to-eight lane highway system or in Omaha in 135 minutes via widened and improved U.S. 75.   Mayetta is the fastest growing incorporated city in the five-county Topeka Metropolitan area from 1990 to 2005, growing by over 33 percent.  Located on four-lane U.S. 75
highway, residents enjoy quality small town Royal Valley public schools, convenient access to job opportunities on the Prairie Band Pottawatomi reservation next door, our nearby County Seat of Holton, and the largest close city, Topeka, which is only 20 minutes away at common highway speed (70 mph).

Downtown Mayetta has grown over the last 10 years, a feat few small towns of its size can claim.  Royal Valley Schools has built a new office building at the west edge of downtown, a new lodge has been constructed, local and area residents have started several new businesses downtown.  City Hall was built in the 1990's.  New brick and concrete custom feature sidewalks and resting benches were built downtown in the early 2000's.  The only stone building downtown, the former school district office, is being renovated into a unique dining establishment.

Mayetta is the most diverse incorporated community of the 40 incorporated communities in the Topeka Metropolitan Area except for the city of Topeka itself.  Mayetta has a strong Native American population of approximately 12-15 percent of the community's residents.  Mayetta is also among the youngest cities (by age of its residents) among the metro's 40 cities and towns.

While Mayetta is modest in size, around 350 population currently, we are big in spirit.  As a growing community in an expanding region of 2,500,000 population which includes the four distinct and unique metropolitan areas of Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence, and St. Joseph, Mayetta is uniquely positioned to provide growth opportunities for progressive residents and entrepreneurs.


Upcoming Events

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